Joel Douek is an award winning composer and instrumentalist, whose music has appeared in some of the most prestigious documentaries of the last few years, including Sir David Attenborough's groundbreaking foray into 3D films and a number of other award-winning productions. He has also scored hundreds of TV episodes, as well as numerous films and national commercials. Specializing in orchestral drama, Joel brings a fascination with world music and electronica into many of his scores. From big-screen IMAX features such as the BAFTA-winning film 'FLYING MONSTERS 3D' and the Liam Neeson-narrated Everest adventure: 'THE WILDEST DREAM',the Jessica Biel thriller 'THE TALL MAN', to 'LIFE' - Discovery Channel's Emmy-nominated sequel to Planet Earth, 'GALAPAGOS 3D', 'KINGDOM OF PLANTS 3D with David Attenborough', BBC's acclaimed 'RISE OF ANIMALS' and iconic animations such as 'YUGIOH', 'SONIC X' and 'THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES', Joel's music has brought many a scene and story to life. Joel's score to "THE WILDEST DREAM' was nominated for Best Original Score for a Feature Documentary by the International Film Music Critics Association in their 2010 awards, and his score to 'Flying Monsters 3D' won Best Music for a Feature Documentary at the Park City Film Music Festival. His score to "KINGDOM OF PLANTS" was recently awarded the GoldSpirit Award for Best Score for Documentary at the 2013 International Film Music Festival.


Often plundering his collection of bizarre and obscure instruments, Joel enjoys exploring beyond conventions to bring original sounds and textures to his music.

Joel is a past winner of the Song Of The Year Contest for his work with Karin Brennan on the song KING'S X. Working with Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto, he arranged and co-produced a re-imagining of Nat King Cole's classic 'BRAZILIAN LOVE SONG' for EMI 'Re:Generations' Album. Joel's additional album credits include 'DUEL MADNESS' (Dreamworks Records) and the Latin Madness remix of Destiny's Child's 'LOSE MY BREATH'.

Joel is on the Board of Directors of the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL), and serves as the Chairman of its Seminar Committee. He is originally from London, and lives in Los Angeles. Joel is also a professional Fire Dancer, percussionist and Didgeridoo player.
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