Ricky is an Australian born composer who began writing for film and television in 1996. Over the years he has gained a reputation as one of Australia's most well regarded film and television music score composers as well as one of Australia’s leading orchestrators.

Ricky began studying piano at the age of six. By the time he was in his twenties he had appeared regularly as a soloist performing concerti by Prokofiev, Saint-Saens and Mozart, as well as appearing in recitals and recordings as a chamber musician. He represented the University of Tasmania as a performer, broadcasting solo repertoire for radio. He can be heard as a soloist and conductor on the soundtrack for the feature film, 'Shine' (1995).

He held a full-time position as a french horn player with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra at the age of fifteen. He also became interested in arranging and orchestrating at that time, fueled by his experience and enthusiasm playing in the orchestra. He graduated from the University Of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Music in 1985 with a major in piano.
Over the years Ricky has developed a reputation among his peers as a valuable team member. He is often commissioned by colleagues as well as film makers as a composer, orchestrator, conductor and consultant.

In the last six years Ricky’s work has included seven television series (h2o Just Add Water Series 1-3, The Elephant Princess Series 1-2, Lightning Point Series 1 and Mal.Com Series 1) as well as a number of documentaries. To date his orchestration credits included principal orchestrator on Australia (2008), Legend Of The Guardians (2010), Sanctum (2011), The Bank Job (2008), Aquamarine (2006), Shine (1996) and many more.

Ricky's compositional style is influenced by his experiences as a chamber and orchestral musician. His work is richly thematic with a variety of colour and style. He has the ability to bind his music within a film, weaving and supporting the dramatic sense and emotion in the story.
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