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Marco Frisina was born on the 16th December 1954, in Rome. He is an Italian Roman Catholic priest and composer who graduated in composition at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia.  In 1978 he entered the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary making his theological studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University and earning a licentiate in Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.  He was ordained a priest in 1982, since then carries out his ministry in the Diocese of Rome. He was adviser to the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary and then Director of the Liturgical of the Vicariate of Rome from 1991 to 2011. He is currently Chairman of the Diocesan Commission for Sacred Art and Cultural Heritage, consultor of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New evangelization and rector of the Basilica of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere.

In 1984 he founded - and since then directs - the Choir of the Diocese of Rome, currently comprising of over 250 elements, created for the animation of the most important diocesan liturgies, many of which are presided over by the Holy Father.  Animation of these, were added over the years concerts in many Italian and foreign dioceses and participating in numerous institutional events. Since 1991 he is also Master of the Pontificia Cappella Musicale Lateranense.

In the same year also began his collaboration in the international project of Rai "Bible" both as biblical scholar /consultant and also as composer. In addition to the films of the "Bible Project", over the years he has composed the soundtracks of many historical and religious-themed films made for RAI and Mediaset, including "Michele Strogoff", “Papa Giovanni”, “Giovanni Paolo II”, “Edda Ciano”, “Callas e Onassis” and more recently “Pompei”, “Puccini”, “Preferisco il Paradiso".

Author of many liturgical songs known and appreciated in Italy and abroad, in his discography are important partnerships for projects of Italian and international artists. These included "Silent Night. A Christmas in Rome ", built in 1998 along with the leaders of the Chieftains' Paddy Moloney and" From the Earth "album recorded in 2000 by Mina, for which he composed the songs" Magnificat "and" Nada te turbe. "

He has composed and performed before the Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI over 20 sacred oratorios inspired by Biblical characters and the lives of great saints. Next to these compositions, they deserve to be mentioned two other sermons: "Song of Songs" written in 2009 and "Passio Caeciliae" of 2011.

Music can be a powerful weapon, capable of uniting the neighbors to far making them vibrate in unison for the beauty of the love of Christ.
In 1997 Msgr. Marco Frisina was appointed Virtuoso Academic Ordinary of the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Literature of the Virtuosi al Pantheon by Pope John Paul II .

He was music director of some important events of the Great Jubilee of 2000, such as the World Youth Day and, more recently, the event RAI "The Bible Day and Night - the longest live television history."

In 2007 he composed the play "The Divine Comedy", the first musical transposition eponymous Dante's masterpiece. Since January 2009 he also staged his second work for the theater: "The Miracle of Marcellino", inspired by the novel by Jose Maria Sanchez Silva "Marcellino Pane e Vino."

In 2011 he was music director for the Diocese of Rome in the Liturgies of the beatification of Pope John Paul II, for which he also composed the Official Anthem. In 2011 he directed the Choir of the Diocese of Rome in his first US tour, performing in New York's Cathedral and in the most important theaters of New Jersey proposing successfully both sacred songs that excerpts from the Italian musical tradition

He teaches at the Pontifical Lateran University and at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

He is known for his work on Joseph in Egypt (1995), Abraham (1993) and Moses (1995).

COMPOSER'S WEBPAGE : www.marcofrisina.com