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Even before Joris Hermy entered this world he was already tapping his fingers and feet to the sound of Doris Day who gave birth to his musical talent. That is how his film music was born simultaneously with him on July 5th 1979 in Bruges (Belgium).

During his youth it were the nuns near his school who delicately touched the snares of his soul and set fire to his passion for choir music. But neither the Flemish surroundings nor the nuns could awake the (film) composer in him. Other more obscure and powerful forces were needed here.

Altogether it didn't take Joris Hermy very long to switch from the sacred to the more profane and even infernal. He sold his soul to Darth Vader! While listening to 'Star Wars: A New Hope' he knew that these were the compositions that had been echoing in his body and soul all that time. John Williams appeared to be the translator of his own internal symphony.

The unknown 'Force' of John Williams awakened something completely addictive thanks to the Maestro's heroic brass, loud timpani strokes, lush strings, massive choirs and immortal melodies. Now this still is the unshakable musical base under all his own compositions. His earplugs fell out though when he moved to the musical melting pot of Antwerp. During and between his sculpting classes at the Academy of Fine Arts he finally decided to explore his musical path. That was the moment when he sold his favorite Star Wars collectors items to buy a new keyboard.

Since then no genre is dissonant in his hungry surge for inspiration. Like an orchestrated butterfly Joris Hermy flies from bebop, blues, film music and contemporary instrumental music. With the notes, chords and timbre that trigger something inside him, Joris Hermy composes his own typical harmonic stories, his rhythmic reveries. But besides that, also the largest range of films thrives him as a young composer towards the making of his own compositions. To Joris Hermy music and images are ultimately and eternally intertwined.

‘Jungle Book’ marked Hermy's first big musical project for which he wrote, orchestrated and conducted the music and songs for a 10 piece live ensemble. a Personal adaptation of the classic story ‘Jungle Book’ directed by Fabio Van Hoorebeke which combined traditional theatre and musical, with an Indian touch, the way writer Rudyard Kipling intended it to be.  Between 2009 and 2012 he wrote the music for various shorts, most notably Onmacht (Inability), What Goes Up (selected for The Holland Animation Film Festival), Past Continuous, and the Vimeo Staff Pick called 'Sheeped Away' Between 2012 and 2013 He also wrote the original music for the Animation Short webseries ‘Bad Days’ with Marvel Comics-icon - Mr. Stan Lee himself - participating on this exciting project. Hermy returned to do the score for the third season of these popular animations in 2014. He also wrote music for documentaries such as 'Bijsluiter van Goed Doen' and videogames like 'Mayan Death Robots' and more recently the hit TV Series 'Kattenoog' which we are proudly presenting to you on CD. Since his first assignments he worked for  diverse television networks such as VTM(Kzoom), VIER & RTL Telekids and  a loyal base of respectable international clients like Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, Studio 100, KLOMP! Animation, Audiocult, Brandy & Twice Entertainment to name a few.
COMPOSER'S WEBPAGE : www.jorishermy.com
INFLUENCES : John Williams, Bernard Herrman, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone, Danny Elfman, Patrick Doyle, Elliot Goldenthal, Thomas Newman, John Powell, Michael Giacchino, Nino Rota, Zbigniew Preisner, Woijech Kilar, Frederik Devreese, Sergei Prokofiev, Carl Orff, Alexander Borodin, Leonard Bernstein, Erik Satie and many others.

  2014  ‘From Concept to Screen’ workshop with composer Patrick Doyle in Belfast, Ireland
  2013   ‘Hollywood Music Workshop’ with Conrad Pope Vienna, Austria
  2013  Composition with Luc Bataillie
  2009   Internship with contemporary composer Wim Hendrickx
  2002   Workshop ‘Arranging for Orchestra’ with Bob Porter
  2001   Private lessons with mentor, composer and producer Patrick Hamilton