KRONKL141  :  "SEDUNUM"                                                  Music by XY
  1. Sedunum
  2. Ad Gloriam
  3. Elsewhere
  4. Dreams of Yore
  5. Celestial City
  6. Eternal Peace
  7. For Victory
  8. Through Ages
  9. In Aeternum
10. In Memoriam
11. Timeless
12. Once
13. Babylon

: 3.14
: 4.18
: 2.15
: 3.13
: 4.59
: 3.32
: 2.33
: 4.23
: 4.27
: 3.03
: 2.24
: 1.58
: 4.30

w   w   w   .   k   r   o   n   o   s   r   e   c   o   r   d   s   .   c   o   m
Sedunum is a mixture of classical, tribal & contemporary elements. It was created by multi-instrumentalist Xy, who has been writing music in the rock/metal band Samaël for almost 20 years. The album invites the listener to a journey without time or physical boundaries. The recording was made at Smecky Studios (Europe's most popular studio for the recording of orchestral music), along with the Filmharmonic Orchestra & Choir from Prague (conducted by Adam Klemens), who has recorded music for more than 200 projects in film, television, musicals and video games.

The songs from Sedunum vary from modern/classical influences to more experimental elements. Percussions and tribal rhythms are accentuated with orchestral instruments, including harpsichord, guitars and a full choir. Part of the album will be played during the entire summer in Sion on the historical site from Valère & Tourbillon, where it will be synchronized with a light show projected onto both castles (running every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from July 16th 'til September 13th).

The album will be released on July 11th in Switzerland via Galactical Records / Musik Vertrieb and in Europe on Kronos Records.  Metal Hammer Germany will also make an exclusive feature of the event.

CD comes packaged as a beautiful digipack.

Release date : 11th July 2014
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Price : 15Euro