Marc Timón Barceló was born in Castelló d'Empúries (Catalunya, Spain) in 1980. From an early age Marc shows a great talent and creativity, composing music as well as writing literature. His love for these arts and his humanistic vocation made him decide to complete a degree in both subjects. He graduated in Journalism in 2002 at UAB (Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona) and in Composition in 2006 at the prestigious ESMUC (High School of Music of Catalonia) with Honours classification, besides finishing his studies of classical piano. At Esmuc he studied composition under great masters like Albert Guinovart (orchestral composition), Arnau Bataller (film scoring), Manel Camp (jazz composition) besides Eduard Resina (electroacoustic music) or Karst de Jong to name a few examples. At the same time, in the Esmuc he studied piano jazz and keyboards with Albert Bover and Xavi Ibáñez.

His production goes from soudtracks for films to symphonic concert music, through pop, musicals, jazz or electronics and music for videogames. His work has a strong post-romantic and impressionist colour and it is clearly influenced by the esthetics and great symphonism of film music.

As a composer he has been awarded with more than 30 prizes for his work. Within the field of film music he won the international “Jerry Goldsmith Award” in 2007 with the soundtrack of “Habanera” and in 2010 with “Witches”. Within concert music he has been awarded in the “Green Concerts Prize for string orquestra 2007", in the "Francesc Basil Memorial", in the "Certamen Ceret-Banyoles" and in the SGAE prize for sardanas in 2005 and 2006, among others.
At the same time he has also received prestigious commissions such as the "Festival of Peralada" or the "Auditori de Barcelona. His music is widely performed in Catalunya, as well as in Cuba, Ucraine, Germany, France, England or Finland.

We could highlight “Witches”, a soundtrack composed, orchestred and produced by Timón. It is a work for great symphony orchestra, medieval ensemble, choir and soloist voices performed by Lviv Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine).

Three years before he also recorded a symphonic ballet for great symphonic orchestra, latin-jazz combo, choir and solo voices, ordered by the “Mediterrània Dansa” company, premiered on April 30th 2006 at the Theatre Jardí in Figueres, with great success from critics and audience. This soundtrack was performed by the Philarmonic Orchestra of Rivne (Ukcraine). The music of these two shows  is recorded on CD, and Timón, besides being the composer, also took part in it as a singer.

In the film music field, in 2012 he has worked in many different projects: “The little wizard”, an epic animation movie recorded and conducted by Timón in the Bulgarian National Radio (Sofya) with the Primo Studio Orchestra and its choir; “Wild connection”, a documentary about the wildlife of Central America; and “Frogman”, a short film by the director from Los Angeles Jim Westrick which represents the dramatic relationship between a marine and his son.

Timón has always taken advantatge of his eclecticism to combine film music with concert music, in which he has a wide repertoire for symphony and chamber orchestra and for choir. Some examples of his love for the voice are the lied “A glimpse of a star” premiered at the Konzerthaus of Berlin by the mezzo-soprano Anna Alàs and the pianist Wolfgang Rieger; “Christmas feelings”, a work for choir, percussion, pipe organ and cobla ensemble (traditional catalan ensemble), among others.

A relevant work of great format is the musical "Music to fall in love", a biting satire on the professional singers and composers world and about musicians in general. It was premiered on the 20th of June 2005 in the Symphonic Hall of Auditori of Barcelona, one of the most relevant places for classical music in the country.

Continuing with the works of great format, in December 2008 Timón performed his “Piano concerto n. 1” and in May 2009 The Academy Orchestra of Liceu did the premiere of “Lullaby to put the war to sleep” for great symphony orchestra, cobla ensemble and narrator, the text being signed by both Timón and Primo Levi. In this work, the composer shows his most socially involved side, making a point where childish innocence is contraposed to the horrors of the war.

He has also written a few songs for voice and orchestra like “Marta’s essence” premiered by the Chamber Orchestra of Empordà or “Smell of rain”, premiered at the Victoria Theatre in Barcelona in February 2005 by the orchestra and an actress from the successful musical “Sea and Sky” by Dagoll Dagom in the celebrations of the 100th performance of the musical play.

Finally, Marc Timón has composed several pop-rock songs, specially for Tv children shows: “If we chose together it sounds better” (a song to raise children's awareness on recycling), “Come to the Club” or “Good night” are some examples.

Apart from musical compositions, he stands out as a writer. He has won the literary competition “City of Roses” in two consecutive editions with “I don’t like Spain” and “Absurd” respectively and has also taken part in the jury. The Roses council has published his successful books in a book collection.   

He now combines the composition and the conduction of different orchestral ensembles with his job as a music critic and journalist at Catalunya Ràdio and the teaching of classical piano, and also he is keyboardist in La Principal del funk, a modern music group based in funk, soul and 70's/80's disco versions.
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