Isabella Turso. Born in Trento (Italy) carried out her piano studies at the Conservatory of Music of Trento, graduating with highest honours and distinction. Later, she perfected her technique with Alicia de Larrocha in Spain, standing out in several national and international competitions.     Since the year 2000, she has taken part in an intense agenda of concert recitals performing, also as a soloist, in various countries such as Italy, Austria, Hungary, Spain and Portugal. She has performed in major festivals (Music Biennale of Venice, Festival dei Due Mondi of Spoleto, Opera Barga Festival, Mozart Festival, Jeunesse Musicales Festival of Italy, Festival Musica ‘900, Bertinoro Festival, Madeira Festival, …) and in prestigious concert halls and theatres (Brussels, Milan, Rome, Madeira, Porto, Barcelona, Venice, Mantua, Monza, Brescia...).

In the last few years, her artistic career has evolved towards a more sophisticated repertoire in the pursuit of a less conventional professional identity. Listed below are some significant examples:
This new concert format, where classical music is alternated to various tracks taken from the CD, has received widespread praise from Italian, Spanish and Portuguese audiences. An orchestral version of a number of the CD tracks has also been produced with the participation of the Italian jazz musician, Paolo Fresu. A new collaboration with the American violinist, Albert Stern, was also initiated in the same year and will lead to recordings of music pieces from their piano repertoire.

These partnerships are part of a broad and coordinated project that aims to reach an Italian, European and worldwide distribution.

Tribute to Donaggio / Omaggio a Donaggio - promo from eddy76 on Vimeo.

The promotional video of OMAGGIO A DONAGGIO
  • 2004 She performed in a musical theatre show, playing a piano duet with Maurizio Dini Ciacci, with the participation of the famous Italian actor, Arnoldo Foà. The show was based on the unabridged Mozart sonatas for four hands and on the theatre adaptation of Mozart’s letters.

  • 2005 She performed in a multimedia show within the Barga Opera Festival with music by Satie and Milhaud.

  • 2006-07 Concert tour in Italy and Belgium with Maurizio Dini Ciacci (piano duets).

  • 2008 Solo concerts with orchestral accompaniment based on jazz and classical music crossovers of G. Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue adapted for piano duets (classic and jazz piano) and orchestra.

  • 2009 Opening of the Music Biennale of Venice. Music by George Antheil.

  • 2010 Italian concert tour as soloist with the national youth orchestra “J.Futura”.

  • 2011 Solo concerts with orchestral accompaniment featuring a heterogeneous programme – Mozart and Gershwin – and anticipating her talent for crossover music.

  • The same year, Isabella is awarded the Un personaggio per il futuro (A personality for the future) prize in the field of Music and Art in Trento.

  • 2012 She was invited as a soloist to the International Festival of Guimarães – 2012 European Capital of Culture – to play in a multimedia musical performance called “Music for Childhood”.

  • As a result of these varied experiences, both in terms of aesthetics and of repertoire, Isabella has developed a desire to evolve towards different styles and genres:

  • She became artistic director of “Centimetro Zero”, a Chamber Music Festival with crossover qualities involving Spain, Italy and Portugal.

  • She became co-composer and performing musician of original piano music with a classical approach and pop-jazz influences. This project has resulted in the production of an "open" CD called "All Light" that intends to involve celebrated artists.
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