Born in Bilbao (Spain) in 1976. He starts learning music at the age of 5 and playing piano 5 years later. His style is nourished by several film composers as diverse as John Williams, Danny Elfman, Michael Kamen, Randy Newman and Hans Zimmer.

His first movie score was "Dreams" (2001), a psychologist short thriller. Later he has composed more than a 50 scores, including the BSOSpirit's ( contest winner hymn, the multi-awarded short films "Perpetuum Mobile" and "Daisy Cutter", and "Don't ask me to kiss you because I will" a large orchestral score, recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, and honoured with the Jerry Goldsmith awards to "best young composer" and "best movie score" in 2009.

His filmography also includes the feature films "Zombie Farm" (Ricardo Islas), "Full Moon" (Luis Marías), and most recently the animated comedy "Pos Eso" (Samuel Orti) ( and the thriller "Fire" (Luis Marías) starring José Coronado.

Besides his work as a music composer and piano player, he has also worked in several projects as orchestrator, arranger and sound designer.

Demo Reel:

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- "No me pidas que te bese porque te besaré" (dir. Albert Espinosa):
Jerry Goldsmith Award: Best Score 2009
Jerry Goldsmith Award: Best New Composer 2009

- "Daisy Cutter" (dir. Enrique García & Rubén Salazar):
Best Sound Award - 3rd Wordless International Short Film Festival (Kerman, Irán).
Premio Mejor BSO. FIGARI FILM FEST (Golfo Aranci ITALIA)
"Gold Medal for Excellence" Park City Film Music Festival 2011
CURTMIRATGES Premi Millor Música, Barcelona (2011)
III FESTIVAL RODINIA Diploma Mundo Sonoro. Valladolid ESPAÑA

- "Perpetuum Mobile" (dir. Enrique García & Raquel Ajofrín):
"Gold Medal for Excellence" Park City Film Music Festival 2007
Mención Especial del Jurado a la Banda Sonora en La Fila 2007 (Valladolid)
Mejor Banda Sonora en Trayecto Corto'08 de Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid)
Candidatura Goya 2007 (Mejor Cortometraje de Animación)

- "The Wrong Man" (dir. Roberto Goñi):
Candidatura Goya 2007 (Mejor Cortometraje de Ficción)

- "Cobra's Arc" (remake videojuego):
Best Soundtrack Score (Retrocompo CEZ 2007)

- "Community Alert" (dir. Alvaro Visiers & Ricardo Islas):
"Silver Medal for Excellence" Park City Film Music Festival 2010

- BSOSpirit Hymn:
1st Prize contest